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Loans Like Quickquid

Loans Like Quickquid

Are you down to you last few pennies and have no hope of clearing the bills before payday? If you are one of the many thousands of people struggling for money, loans like quickquid can help. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way of borrowing money quickly and conveniently whenever you need to? Loans like quickquid are instantly accessible from anywhere and can help you out with an injection of funds when you need it most.

The basics

Loans like quickquid are short term loans that you can apply for and be approved for within the space of an hour. You will repay the loan very quickly, generally within a month or two, and you will find that they are a great solution to short term financial issues. 

When to apply - payday loans like Quickquid

There are no hard and fast rules for money shortages; some months just seem to be more expensive than others and unexpected costs can pop up at any time. Instead of scraping by and struggling to get through until payday, you can take out a payday loan and buy yourself some time to repay urgent bills which can’t wait for your wages.

There are no office hours with loans like quickquid; you can apply on any day and at any time. This makes them a hugely attractive prospect as it means you can cover your emergencies-and get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about money.

What you need

To apply for loans like quickquid you will need to fill a few basic requirements. (don’t worry, it’s nothing too major!) All you need to do is:

Be over 18;

Have a bank account capable of accepting deposits;

Be a UK resident;

Have access to the internet;

Take home £500 or more each month;

And that’s pretty much it-you don’t need to have a pristine credit rating or a specific reason for borrowing from loans like quickquid, anyone who fills the above criteria will be eligible to apply.


The system for repaying loans like quickquid is ridiculously simple. When you fill in the application form you will be directed to a page which helps you work out a time frame for repaying your loan, so you can be sure you can afford the payments. Then once approved, the repayments will be taken directly from your bank account on the agreed day without you having to lift so much as a finger! It’s all so easy, the only thing you MUST do is make sure that the money is in your account on the specified date.

When you repay your loan it goes a long way to improving your credit rating, so it is in your best interests to repay in full and on time. Also, the quicker you repay your loan, the less interest you will be paying-defaulted loan repayments can land you in a worse financial situation than you had before, so always ensure that the money is in your account to cover repayments.

Loans Like Quickquid Eligibility

These short term payday loans are accessible to just about anyone, and you have nothing to lose by applying. Do bear in mind that they are a short term solution, and applying for too many at once could damage your chances of being approved. 

Don’t let a bad credit rating put you off applying-although credit checks are carried out, most people will be given a chance with loans like quickquid. 

These handy loans are so accessible that they are fast becoming available on mobile phones, tablets and other devices, meaning that you don’t even have to be at home or near a computer to apply-you can be ready and prepared for any emergency at any time.

Companies offering Loans Like Quickquid

As more and more people realise the advantages to a payday loan, more and more companies offering this service spring up. This is great news for the applicant, as it means you have a large and growing number of companies to choose from. Although each lender offers roughly the same service, they will all have slightly different terms and conditions, websites and focuses. This gives you a wide choice of specialist loan companies-from those offering small loans to be repaid within a month to those offering larger sums with longer repayments; from dedicated poor credit lenders to those who specialise in other types of lending.

Loans Like Quickquid Protection

As a borrower from an online loan company, you will be pleased to hear that you have nothing to fear for your personal details. Although you will be asked to enter sensitive data such as bank details, you can rest easy knowing that all your information is kept safe and private.

Loans like quickquid are encouraged to be ethical lenders, and those who are in long term, severe financial trouble may have to look elsewhere-likewise if you genuinely can’t afford your repayments. This will stop you from getting into further debt that you may struggle to get out of.

Another thing to be aware of is that all lenders who offer loans like Quickquid are regulated by independent financial overseers, so you don’t have to worry about any foul play. They will also keep an eye on the rules and regulations of your contract, so you have nothing to fear.

Why apply for Payday loans Like Quickquid

There are a great many reasons to apply for one of these handy little loans-they are easy, conveniently accessible, available to just about anyone, and quick and simple to pay back. It certainly beats standing in a line at the bank for hours on end only to be told that your application was refused, or going cap in hand to the Bank of Mum and Dad!

Whether you are short of cash because you have an overwhelming pile of bills that you just can’t cover, or if the car has broken down, or the boiler blown up-don’t panic, just get yourself online and look up loans like quickquid to help you through a difficult time.



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Total repayment of £1,609.25. Interest: £759.25.

Interest rate: 150% pa (fixed). 277.6% APR Representative.

APR rates range from 45.3% APR to 1575% Max APR. Your APR rate will be based on your circumstances.

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